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Non-Clog Pumps. Cutter Pumps. Self Priming Pumps. End Suction Pumps. Decorative Water Pumps. Dewatering Pumps. Portable submersible utility pump for water removal or emptying shallow flooded areas. DISCHARGE: 1 NPT, Male, Vertical, with 3/4 Garden Hose Adapter energy efficient, Permanent Split Capacitor (PSC), Oil filled, Class BAcquaer 3/4 HP Cast Iron Sewage Ejector Pump-SEC075T-1 The 93501 offers a powerful, yet energy efficient (7.6 Amp) thermally protected motor for longer life and durability. The pump features non-clogging vortex impeller, 2 in. FIP discharge and 10 ft., replaceable, water proof power cord. This sewage pump is specifically designed to work in all sewage applications and will easily handle 2 in. solids.Chopper Pumps Xylem US Flygts self-cleaning and energy-efficient chopper pumps are specifically designed for heavy-duty applications and continuous operation with sustained high efficiency in your toughest applications such as wastewater, sludge, and agricultural applications. They deliver unrivaled sustained high efficiency and operational reliability thanks to their unique cutting action.

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The cutter on the pump is stationary with a ring with cutting teeth that shred any materials which enter the pump. Energy efficient, there is a good range of submersible Cutter pumps with different heads and flows to suit most applications. Submersible cutter pumps come in automatic and manual models and are often used in Pump Stations.Submersible Non-Clog Sewage Pump - 2DWS, 3DWS, 4DWS 2DWS Submersible Non-Clog Sewage Pump Features and Benefits Impeller: Cast iron, semi-open, non-clog, dynamically balanced with pump out vanes for mechanical seal protection. Optional silicon bronze impeller available. Casing: Cast iron flanged volute type for maximum efficiencyCutter Pumps - Cornell Pump Company 16 rows Useful in municipal, agricultural, and other markets, the cutters unique stationary and rotating blade design allows material to pass through the impeller that would tend to clog a non-cutter pump. Energy efficient and robust, the cutter comes in two versions, the Blade Cutter, and the Waste Warrior. The Waste Warrior is designed for more aggressive ragging and plugging.Estimated Reading Time: 40 secsF&Q Pumps, Inc F&Q Pumps supplies a wide variety of submersible pumps and pump accessories for many different applications. Some of these products include sewage pumps,stainless steel pumps, sump pumps,non-clog pumps, grinder pumps, submersible dewatering pumps and utility pumps. F&Q also build submersible motors and mixers. F&Q Pumps provides quality products that are reliable, energy

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Non Clog Sewage Submersible Pump. Single Stage Operated. Slurry Pump. Energy Efficient Pump. Multistage Centrifugal Pump. Horizontal Type. Subscribe us for best offers. Sign up to our subscription to know about any special offers, discounts or any new releases of our products. Subscribe.JSB Series Stainless Steel Submersible Pump - Toshio Pumps Toshio offers range of products to handle aggressive wastewater. These pumps can handle effluent with Ph range 2-11. Stainless steel construction ensures longer life of the pump for critical applications. We offer Stainless Steel Submersible Pumps with energy- efficient motor. Toshio oil filled submersible motors are easily rewind able & repairable.Manufacturers Represented - General Pump and Machinery, Inc. Corrosion resistant formed stainless steel end suction and multi-stage pumps, submersible, effluent, sump and sewage pumps mechanical power management serving all markets with energy efficient products Self priming solids, trash pumps, submersible non-clog, cutter, grinder, stainless pumps serving all markets

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The CNWX Series are the pumps of choice for the following applications. The CNWX series of non-clog submersible pumps have a high pass-through capability that exceeds that of current submersible pumps. Standard Specications Puming Performance Compare with vortex pump (Both models are same in motor output: 3.7 kW and solid passage size: 80 mm) Applications Capacitym3/min Non-clogging Cutter Submersible Sewer Pumps 0.75 to 7.5 kw Non-clogging Cutter Submersible Sewer Pumps 0.75 to 7.5 kw 380 volts The Olbin GNWQ series is a robust, high-performance submersible macerator pump. The heavy duty patented cutting device makes it excellent for pumping wastewater in residential, commercial and agricultural applications.PFSWCPC50181081T10 Power-Flo Pumps & Systems Non-Clog Pumps. Cutter Pumps. Self Priming Pumps. End Suction Pumps. Decorative Water Pumps. Dewatering Pumps. Submersible sewage pump designed for typical raw sewage and typical septic tank/effluent applications. Energy efficient, Permanent Split Capacitor (PSC), Oil filled, Class B insulation, Continuous duty (water depth must be at

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Long-standing experience in the project work for sewage technology allows us to provide smooth processes and reliable system solutions. Whether it be pumping, mixing, aerating, filtering or disinfecting of (waste) water that is concerned, our broad portfolio of products and system solutions will in any case provide you with a reliable and energy-efficient solution.Sewage & Wastewater Tsurumi Pump Sewage Pumps C Series Tsurumi C Series Cutter Pump is solids handling non-clog submersible pump with a unique tungsten carbide tipped single or multi-vane impeller & high chrome serrated wear plate for shredding of solids.Wastewater Process C Series B Series Pu Series Bk Series Pn SeriesSewage Pumps - Liberty Pumps Store Liberty's LE70-series is a 3/4 hp sewage pump with 2" solids-handling capability. Constructed of heavy cast iron with a tough epoxy powder coat finish, stainless steel fasteners and rotor shaft, the LE70 is designed for durability. Its Quick-connect cord design allows for easy interchange of power cords in 10', 25' and 35' lengths.

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Apr 05, 2020 Sewage Pump Solids Handling Pump Non-clog Ejector Pump: Pumping wastewater and solids from source to septic tank or sewer main. Grinder pump: Pumping wastewater from source to septic tank or sewer main. Does not pump solids, grinds solids at intake to form a slurry, pumps the liquid slurry.Solids Handling, Submersible Pumps - Flowserve Rugged and Reliable The Flowserve MSX family of solids handling, submersible pumps is engineered to perform efficiently in the most challenging environments, from pumping raw sewage to moving industrial wastewater and other solid-laden liquids. Operating and Cost-Saving BenefitsSubmersible Sewage Cutter Pump, Submersible Diesel Pump SUBMERSIBLE SEWAGE PUMPS (WITH CUTTER) - Ebara. Motor Type Dry type submersible Number of pole 4 pole DL with cutter SUBMERSIBLE SEWAGE PUMPS (WITH CUTTER) APPLICATIONS Sewage Kitchen drains Industrial water drainage FEATURES Available with cutter type semi-open single blade impeller (50-80) and semi-open mixed ow double blade impeller, this pump is clog

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The EDDY Pump, unlike centrifugal pumps, has a large tolerance between the rotor (impeller) and the volute so it does not get clogged with wet wipes or other debris. Furthermore, due to the EDDY Pumps engineered construction that does not have any critical tolerances, the rotor (impeller) does not get worn down like centrifugal pumps and lose suction.Estimated Reading Time: 4 minsSubmersible Sewage Pumps with Cutter Impeller TSURUMI Submersible Sewage Pumps with Cutter Impeller. Tsurumi C-series pumps are heavy-duty, submersible cutter pumps for sewage and wastewater, which are made of castings and equipped with cutting mechanism. Featuring a combination of impeller vane with brazed sintered tungsten carbide alloy edge and a suction cover of serrated shape, the C-series pumps enable smooth pumping, while The QDX Submersible Drainage Pump, ponds, pools, basements QDX is a safe, reliable and high quality submersible drainage pump. High Energy efficient motor with built-in overload protection and Capacitor. This Model can be used to pump Fresh Water in ponds, pools, basements, flooded areas etc. Drainage Pump Features include a water level float switch that allows the pump to work automatically between two predetermined levels, integrated handle for easy

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Maximum runtime with pump unsubmerged for 71/2-15 HP is 1 hour and for 20-30 HP is 15 minutes. Motor is suitable for 10 starts per hour. Bearings: Double row angular contact thrust bearing on 250TYS frame and single row deep groove thrust bearing on 210TY frame pumps.non clogging self priming sewage pump centrifugal water pump 2WD/3WD 2/3 Non-Clog Sewage Pumps - Xylem Applied Water. Residential Submersible 2 Non-Clog Sewage Pumps Dual Seal with Seal Sensor Probe 2WD/3WD Applications: Sewage Systems Dewatering/Effluent Water Transfer Light Industrial Commercial Applications Features and Benefits Cast iron, semi-open or enclosed, non-clog impeller; dynamically balanced with pump out vanes for

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