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The shaft shall be machined from a solid 400 series stainless steel forging and be a design that is of large diameter with minimum overhang to reduce shaft deflection and prolong bearing life. SEALS The pump shall have two mechanical seals, mounted in tandem, with an oil chamber between the seals. Type 21 seals shall be used withBest Submersible Raw Sewage Pump 20hp STO-2032 Submersible raw sewage pump series STO offers reliable and economical pumping of heavily polluted sewage in commercial, industrial and municipal applications. The STO series pump provides excellent wastewater solid handling, and power up to 15 kW (20 hp). MAINTENANCE SIMPLIFIED BY AUTOMATIC CONNECTING DEVICEGoulds Water Technology Pumps Solid Handling Submersible Goulds Water Technology Submersible Sewage Pump Series 3888D3, Single Phase Pumps cast iron, two vane semi-iron, non-clog impeller with pump-out vanes for mechanical seal protection, heavy duty cast iron, volute type casing for maximum efficiency 2.5" solids handling Centrifugal Pump Selection Guide - Goulds Pumps suction, multistage and vertical turbine pumps for chemical feed, water supply, booster, low lift, and high lift. For non-clog solids handling, a range of horizontal, vertical sump, and submersible pumps have helped professional engineers solve pollution problems around the world. Rheinhtte Pumpen offers an extensive range of plastic pumps

Goulds 2DV51D4VA 2DV 2" Submersible Sewage Pump

Goulds 1DV / 2DV (1 1/2" & 2") Submersible Sewage Pump Specifications 1 12" discharge on 12 HP 2" discharge on 34 HP and larger Solid size: 138" solids on 12 HP; 2" solids on 34 HP and larger Capacities: to 130 U.S. GPM (41 m3/h) Total heads: to 39 feet TDH (14 m)Great Stainless Steel Submersible Sewage Pumps SSQ-332 FEATURES. Fully Casting Stainless Steel Construction for the hydraulic parts of pump : The Motor headcover, motor lower cover, pump casing, impeller, and suction cover are all made of casting stainless which is good to handle low pH value chemical media mixing with the wastewater, also is suitable for the seawater pumping job. Non-Clog Impeller : Hydro-dynamically well-balanced single blade semi-open non-clogging type for sewage Hydromatic Submersible Solids Handling Pumps H Series Greater Pump Efficiency The H Series solids handling pumps, with the enhanced geometry of the monovane impeller, provide greater pump efficiency and steeper non-overloading performances while passing up to a full 3" spherical solid, as is required by the Ten States Standards policy for submersible solids

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maintenance of standard submersible waste water pumps. Applications This starting & operation manual are applicable to the electric driven submersible waste water pumps specified on the front page. The pumps are designed to be used for pumping raw sewage water with solid contents. The pumps are suitable for heavy duty drainage applications andOWNERS MANUAL Submersible Solids Handling Pumps Sump/Sewage/Effluent Products close-coupled motor drive, frame mount, SAE mount, engine drive, VMS, SSCX, SSHM, solids handling, submersible solids handling 12 months from date of original installation, or 24 months from date of manufacture pull water from the well. 1. Bolt pump to solid, level foundation. 2. Support all pipingSewage & Wastewater Tsurumi Pump Solids handling non-clog submersible pump featuring a standard cooling jacket at lo water levels without overheating. BZ Series Solids handing non-clog submersible pump with unique channel impeller designed for raw sewage in wastewater

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Features and Benefits. Designed for residential and commercial sewage. Solid handling & dewatering applications. Recessed cast iron vortex impeller ensures flow of liquids and solids. Standard potted epoxy cord seals. Double mechanical seal. Continuous duty motor. Maintenance free Showfou SF112AN Submersible Sewage Water Pump Showfou submersible sewage pump. Single phase, 240V Spherical solid handling: 6mm; Mini size light-weight best quality among similar type. The base of motor, screw, and strainer are manufactured with stainless steel for 1HP to 3HP, strainer with plastic for 1/3HP to 1/2HP. Submersible Waste Handling Pump SS Series (Dirty Water) (13Solids Handling Pumps Submersible Pumps Piranha These Solids Handling and Wastewater Pumps are designed for pumping slurry & debris laden water in sump & lagoon applications including: industrial, sewage, wastewater, animal & vegetable waste, paper pulp, construction de-watering, and now trash appications where excessive solids prohibit the use of de-watering style pumps.

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non-clog pumps Vertical, wet-pit pumps Rugged and Reliable The Flowserve MSX family of solids handling, submersible pumps is engineered to perform efficiently in the most challenging environments, from pumping raw sewage to moving industrial wastewater and other solid-laden liquids. Operating and Cost-Saving Benefits MSX non-clog pumps reduceFile Size: 1MBSubmersible Effluent Pumps With Solid Handling Capability Submersible Effluent Pumps with Solid Handling Capability Transfer Waste Water For Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and Other Related Applications. Submersible effluent pumps with solid handling capability are ideal for light to medium transfer demands including dewatering, effluent waste, and gray water that must be moved from a collectionSubmersible Solids Handling Pumps Pentair Submersible solids handling pumps can be used for residential raw sewage and light commercial applications, as well as agricultural and large municipal applications. These pumps are specifically designed to pass solids, trash and stringy materials. Fat, Oil, Grease (FOG) happens.

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EBARA Fluid Handling an EBARA International Corporation company Model DVFU Model DDLFU water wastewater flood control Submersible Wastewater, Sewage Pump. 1 50DLFU61.5 2HP 2 80DLMFU61.5 2HP 3 80DLMFU62.2 3HP 4 80DLMFU63.7 5HP '/0)8 +3 6 80DLCMFU67.5 10HP Model DLKFU series pumps are designed to tackle clogging challengesU Cast Iron Pumps Submersible Sewage & Wastewater Pumps with Vortex Impeller. Discharge Bore (mm) 40 - 80. Motor Output (kW) 0.25 - 3.7. The U-series is a 2-pole-motor-based, compact type submersible vortex pump designed for handling raw sewage, wastewater and liquid carrying solid matters and fibrous materials. Rotation of the impeller produces vortex flow in the pump casing, which allows those foreign matters to be pumped out with minimum Ultra V Series Gorman Rupp Grey Water Pumps Hydro Because all internal passages will handle a 76mm spherical solid on most models, and pumps come standard with a patented self cleaning wear plate system to resist choking from stringy materials such as rags, Ultra V Series pumps will choke much less than most other wastewater pumps.

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WQ-Series submersible sewage pump. WQ-Series submersible sewage pump is developed based on imported advanced technology abroad. It has the advantages of high efficiency, not easy to enlace, no clogging, auto-coupling and auto-control, etc. It specializes in discharging of solid granule and long fiber garbage. Download Datasheet.