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1000GPM Horizontal Split Case Fire Pump

1000 GPM Horizontal Split Case Fire Pump Centrifugal Water Pump . UL/FM Fire Pump Performance Requirements: The maximum net pressure for a fire pump shall not exceed 140 percent of rated head. ( Hs 140% x H) Inlet pressure less than 047.7 kpa. A pump shall develop not less than 65 percent or rated. total head when discharging at 1-1/2 times rated.Centrifugal Split Case Pump and Circulation Pump The S and SH split case pumps are a single-stage, double-suction, horizontal centrifugal pumps used for the transportation of clean water or other liquids with similar properties, with End-Suction pump vs Horizontal Split Case - Fire Nov 05, 2019 The durability of the horizontal split case pumps design allows the pump to be used for very large water flows in excess of 5000 gpm as the pump casings are often heavier and designed to handle higher working pressures, moreover, the design of "Impeller between bearing" and since the water enters the two sides of the impeller (double suction), these pumps can withstand the large amount of


Double Suction Single Impeller: In general, a horizontal split case pump is identified as, and referred to, this type of construction with bulging suction chambers on both sides of the pump casing and in-line Suction and Discharge nozzles. The pumps are primarily designed to handle large flow rates for low to high head applications. (Refer Drawing No. CSD-HSC-HP-001-00)Horizontal & Vertical Split Case Centrifugal Pump Brands The suction inlet and the discharge outlet are all below the axis line of the water pump and are horizontal and perpendicular to the axis. This structure type pump does not need to remove the inlet and outlet pipelines during inspection and maintenance, and it is very convenient for disassembly and inspection. Technical Parameter:(50HZ & 60HZ) Capacity:up to 20000/h. Head:up to 250m. Speed:up to 3600rpmHorizontal Split Case Pump Assembly Video by Peerless Pump This video shows you how to assemble a Horizontal Split Case Pump Assembly by Peerless Pump. You can go to Peerlesspump or to epumpdoctor fo.

Horizontal Split-Case Centrifugal Pumps HPAC Engineering

Jul 01, 2007 The horizontal split-case centrifugal (HSC) pump is more than 100 years old, yet still is the workhorse of the HVAC pump industry. If a lot of water has to be moved efficiently with a minimum of fuss, no other pump can outperform it. This article describes five reasons why an HSC pump is useful. An HSC pump takes up less space than other pumps when taking into consideration the room Estimated Reading Time: 3 minsPatterson Pump Company::Home H2O Works Horizontal Split CaseClean Water Pumps. The HSC is our H2O Works heavy lifter. This pump is widely used to move clear water or low-viscosity, clear industrial process liquids at moderate heads. A fine combination of volume with ample head, this rugged, simple design offers extended service life, reduced maintenance costs and minimum power consumption.Horizontal Split Case Pumps and Their Applications Apr 03, 2018 A horizontal split case pump is a unique type of centrifugal pump whose casing is divided into two distinct chambers, which is different from inline or end suction pumps that are assembled with the suction nozzle, discharge nozzle, and casing in Pros & Cons of Horizontal Split-Case Pumps Pumps & Systems Sep 21, 2016 It is the best of pumps; it is the worst of pumps. Horizontal split-case (HSC) pumps are used in most industries around the world to move large quantities of fairly clean fluidsusually waterat low to medium pressures. HSC design geometry poses numerous advantages and disadvantages for users. Advantages of HSC pumps:

Series SC-II Horizontal Split Case Pumps - Federal Pump

Single Stage Split Case Pumps 7A.0 Furnish and install as outlined in the plans and described in these specifications Federal Pump Series SC-II Horizontal Split Case single stage double suction centrifugal pump designed to deliver the scheduled flow rate (GPM) Split Case Pumps Pentair Helping You Design the Perfect Split. Choosing a split case pump doesnt have to be a split decision. These pumps are built to provide energy efficiency, lower operational costs and quiet operation. With Pentair pump expertise at your service, we can help you configure the pump you need.Split Case Pumps SPP Pumps - Centrifugal Pump Manufacturer Split Case Pumps Split case centrifugal pumps feature a single double suction or two single suction impellers supported between bearings. The casing is split axially, with opposing suction and discharge flanges, greatly simplifying maintenance.

Split Case Pumps - Goulds Water Technology

As a replacement to the legacy AC Series 8100, 8300 and 9100 pump, Xylems e-XC split case pump offers a broader hydraulic range with flows that exceed 57,000 gpm and head over 800 feet. With over 140 models and a wide range of material options, e-XC pumps can be customized to meet the demands of medium and large oil & gas, power generation, mining, municipal, leisure and general industry Split case centrifugal pump-ZB pump Focusing on split case pump manufacturing since 1989. High efficiency, energy saving, stable operation, widely used in mining, electric power, steel, metallurgy, municipal and other industries.Split case pumps - andritz Due to the axial split case design, maintenance is fast and easy. Designed with a double-flow radial impeller and in-line casing, the pump can be horizontally or vertically installed (with horizontal installation, the motor can be placed on the left or right). These pumps can be used in a wide range of industrial processes.

Split-Case Pumps Intro to Pumps

Between-the-bearings: Split-case pumps are what is referred to as a between-the-bearings pump. This means that split-case pumps mount the impeller on a shaft that is supported by bearings on both sides of the impeller. Double-suction impeller: Split-case pumps are the only COMMON pump type with a double suction impeller. A double-suction impeller imposes dramatically fewer loads on the bearings than an Taco TA Series Horizontal Split Case Pumps National Pump Tacos TA series split case pumps are custom built with more than 300 models to choose from, ranging from 1/40 HP to 400 HP, you can easily choose the optimum pump Taco TA Series Horizontal Split Case Pumps National Pump Tacos TA series split case pumps are custom built with more than 300 models to choose from, ranging from 1/40 HP to 400 HP, you can easily choose the optimum pump design for your specific system requirements.

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